Friday, June 4, 2010

Event editing

Stuff is sort of working.

Event editor is still sort of ugly but capable of modifying a few things now and the re-write code seems to work.

In this example, the text was obviously modified (from "... (BOY)...") and the palette flash was changed from yellow to blue.


illuminus said...

That's really awesome. Simply awesome.

bregegrahf said...

Yes ! It's so cool !

Creon said...

maybe it's soon finish

Xioa said...

I can't wait !!!! I can help you if you need. Just tell me.

dr.michael-h said...


hmm...I have some questions about disassembling the SOM rom. I can find no email address on the blog :(

Can you please contact me?

dr.michael-h at

P.S.: great project ;)