Thursday, June 11, 2009


Good news and bad news. The hard drive(s) is(are) fucking up on my main somedit computer. However, I had a feeling it was going to happen and moved a copy of somedit to this computer this morning. Also, a few updates:

- MIDI importer is working better. Most of the MIDIs I have actually work now... of course it takes some work to get them sounding decent with SoM's (or custom) samples, but the timing is (nearly) correct now. The one major remaining thing is to figure out what the deal is with MIDIs that seem to have only one track with all the events crammed on it. These... do not import well just yet.

- Fixed a bug in the world map loading routine, and I think I wrote a recompressor for it too. But it hasn't been tested yet. Oh, and I found the set of daytime (earlier in the game) palettes for the world map (as opposed to the purple-tinted nighttime ones near the end of the game that I was using before). You can now display/edit both.

- Started adding a number of right-click convenience menus that I plan to have all over. For example, you can rightclick a spot on a map and choose to edit the tile, map piece, object, etc. at the clicked position. This should greatly reduce the amount of time you spend searching around for shit, particularly tiles.

- I wrote a recompress routine for map pieces. Also hasn't been tested yet. I'm missing a couple compression "commands" in the load routine, which explains why a few maps here and there have always looked screwy. This will be fixed soon enough...

- Probably some other stuff I don't remember.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Somedit not dead!

It's just sleeping for a bit.

One of these days it will pick back up.

Mop's open projects include...

SoM Editor
Light Ages server for MMORPG Darkages
Darkages Map Editor (For Light Ages)
SNES memory editing assistant
Ray tracer / experimental renderer
Lagoon Castle map for UT3

Plus I have a bunch of games to finish playing...
Mass Effect

Plus work and "life" (lol).  So there hasn't been a whole lot of time for Somedit.  

Once this thing is finally done, though, I was pondering playing with either Zelda: OOT or FF7 for my next editor.