Sunday, February 15, 2009

Somedit not dead!

It's just sleeping for a bit.

One of these days it will pick back up.

Mop's open projects include...

SoM Editor
Light Ages server for MMORPG Darkages
Darkages Map Editor (For Light Ages)
SNES memory editing assistant
Ray tracer / experimental renderer
Lagoon Castle map for UT3

Plus I have a bunch of games to finish playing...
Mass Effect

Plus work and "life" (lol).  So there hasn't been a whole lot of time for Somedit.  

Once this thing is finally done, though, I was pondering playing with either Zelda: OOT or FF7 for my next editor.


Matt said...

sounds good. If you need a modeler or texturer for your UE3 level, hit me up. I'll see what I can do for you. AIM: defective319

Chris said...

Despite SomEdit not being complete yet, perhaps you could release what you've got & the source on could join you in developing it.

I have no programming knowledge, but plenty of motivation! A friend & are finishing up a SOM marathon right this moment and thought of how nice it'd be to adjust a few things. We found this and were quite impressed with what you've developed so far :)

snesmaster said...

Hi, I'm really looking forward to seeing SomEdit. I'm creating maps for this game for my website at:

I would love to see a beta version of what you have done so far.

laparracreon said...

He(It) shall have a means d there to have the version of somedit such which please