Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Moving triggers confirmed working.

You can see the green box outline where the trigger used to be.  This is a collision type that used to indicate a door.  You can still place them, but they don't do anything anymore.

Coincidentally, this also makes maps load a little faster (in-game) since they don't have to search through the whole fucking thing for certain tiles assigning x/y positions anymore .. the new (much simpler) code just pulls from a table of positions I added.

I really just need to support all the other weird trigger types still, and then maps will be .. much more editable.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


... are being worked, slowly.

I have the "exit" type doors (a la map 257) and what appears to be some sort of same-map A<->B door type pair (also map 257) importing as place-able trigger types now (as opposed to being assigned based on tile collision types.. what were you thinking Nasir).  

Not exporting to ROM yet - that will be a major rewrite of their code .. an unfortunate but necessary thing to make doors easily editable.

Also on map 257 (holy fuck, this map) there is the door into the elder's house that appears to just not be there in any form that I've been able to find, yet somehow it works in game.  So there's that.