Saturday, April 1, 2017

A year and seven months or so seems as good a time as any to get going with this again. When in doubt, don't take on something like this after being frustrated with an internship and, well, just as a default state of being. But after this long, and having taken steps to get a different rhythm in life, I think I can do this.

I don't have an update ready yet, but it's no joke that I'm going to work on this again. If anyone else has made further progress on something like it in the intervening time, more power to them. If anyone's frustrated that I went this long without saying anything, fair enough. I'm just gonna do it.

With all that said, if I do feel I'm going too slow with it, I'll delegate. There's plenty of this code to sort through, after all, and my own plans could best be described with a very detailed and enlightening "make this usable worth a damn."


Anonymous said...

I read that correctly, right? This is no joke? ;)

Glad to see you inspired to take this on again. And I know exactly how you feel about not having the initiative/time/etc. to jump in. Had a few projects like that myself and sometimes I find the only way to really get into a project and get things done is to just freakin' do it. And actually, those end up being the most satisfying, enjoyable projects for me. So go for it!

Mop said...

Hey, this is good news! I'm glad you've started to find your way through the pile of spaghetti that is the SoM editor.

Enker said...

Indeed, anon, this is no joke! It just...yeah, it just took a long while to...reach the right point x_x Moving out to live with the girlfriend probably helped a great deal, too =P Definitely, a time of finding and adjusting to a new rhythm.

There were some changes I made before this point, but I've thrown them out for the moment. Ended up breaking things a little too hard by being overzealous in my refactoring x_x

Enker said...

Mop- Heheheheh, indeed, indeed =P It's daunting, but, I'll figure this shit out. And if I can figure this shit out, I'll be able to do damn near anything, programming-wise. ...well, cleaning/refactoring is still probably more my forte than actually providing new features, but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it x_x More I learn about it, too, more I'll be able to adjust it.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear this. Good luck!

Enker said...

I'll need it @_@ Just gotta keep a steady pace and not burn myself out.

Anonymous said...

You really got me there... I only realized the timestamp for the post now. That's what I would call a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

You did actually read the post and the ones after it, right? It's not a joke.

The Art of Staubsaugen said...

I just recently discovered this gem.
Secret of Mana is and will always be my favourite game.
I'm quite happy, that this announcement wasn't a joke.
My birthday is the 1st of April, so I got fooled plenty in my life.
Happy this isn't the case here.

I will most likely stick around waiting for little happy things to happen.
Best wishes. :)

Enker said...

Anon- If it were a joke, then yes, yes it would =P I'll make sure it turns out not to be the case or die trying.

Other Anon- Hanging out on IRC for ages, I myself have had enough moments where I either read something scrolled up high enough, or something at the very bottom, but didn't get the context in between. Happens @_@

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to work on this project mop, i know its not easy, but i really appriciate it.

Mop said...

This was posted by Enker :p i am still largely done touching it directly. I still hang around for consulting/research/maintenance but my focus these days is on SoM-AC and a few other little projects.

Randi from Potos said...

Time to brainstorm ideas I guess. Do you think it will be possible to add more doors (portal or area) in the game. Been a while since I used the editor but I think almost all the possibilities were already taken. We could only modify actual maps and not create new ones.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to work on this project :D

Matt H said...

It would be such an amazing thing to make an original game using the SoM engine. I can't wait to see how this goes!

Deflaktor said...

Have fun working on it =)
Im looking forward to future updates

Gi Nattak said...

This is good news! Still wanting & looking forward to creating a SoM hack using this someday.

SourceSeeker said...

in the meantime some bugfix wishes :p

"SECRET OF MANA EDITOR build 0213" says:
"Note: FMOD.DLL not found or invalid. Audio playback will not be available."

tried to put following version into editor folder where the "someditc.exe" is:
- fmod3.6.0.0 32bit
- fmod3.7.3.0 32bit
- fmod3.7.5.0
but had no luck, error message from top kept showing :(

SourceSeeker said...

haha! update! ;p
still had an old version (0107) and saw that this one has a "fmod.dll" file. so just tried this one, and what should i say, it worked! yay!
so, checked for its version number... guess what? it is *lol*
well, had it almost ;-)

so, to fix this error for current build 0203, just find a "fmod.dll" in version and paste it in the same directory like "someditc.exe"!

for - hopefully soon - future builds, don't forget to add this DLL again, Enker :)

Manuel Nagel said...

hmmm, sprite question:
because i'm curretnly again at sprite ripping:
is it right, that when "wizard eye" spawns a "weepy eye", that the first one shows a "heck hound" for 5 frames at the beginning of the birth, while the second born "weepy eye" shows a blue "mimic box" for 4 frames?
at least thats what my analysis tools say from ZSNES dumps...