Saturday, March 27, 2010


Feh. I've been ignoring this thing for too long. I think it's time to start working on it again soon!


illuminus said...


Kyle said...

Yes! Best news all year! I hope this means there will be a beta soon. I've been waiting for two years to get my hands on this.

Mop said...

Maybe I'll get together a few working features (of which there are currently none!) and do some incremental releases. I'd like to have at least event and map editing working for it to be at all useful. Probably throw in music/samples since that's currently the best working part of it.

Kyle said...

Getting it out into the wild (even incrementally) will help you in that people will catch glitches and bugs you may have missed, and will allow users to give you feedback on the features in order to make it the best it can be.

How is graphics editing coming along? Will there be a way to extract GFX to edit in YY-CHR (or GFX editor of choice) and reinsert edited GFX?

Thanks for your work on this. I think it will be a big hit with the ROM hacking community as SOM is indisputably one of the best SNES games ever.

fucious1920 said...

Heck yea!! I check here every day to see if there is an update. Really looking forward to this. Thanks for your work.:)

mikeferrell said...

Alright! best news ever! Thought you were dead.

taroni said...

Very good ! Thank you !!!!!

dossa51 said...

Is there any chance you know the name of the font used on the SOM title screen (the yellow one that flashes up with the name of the game in the mana tree scene)?

Mop said...

Not a clue what the font is called. Might just be pixel art. It's one of the many things sitting at "half-editable" at the moment. :3

Graphics editing works, mostly. There are some tiles that don't load, but most of them are there. The graphics format conversions are all there, with a few exceptions, so it's mostly a matter of just piecing it together and making it usable. Notable exceptions include boss graphics (compressed; someone had found these for me once long ago though) and that 8bit tree image that shows up in the background of the title screen.

Character tiles are viewable, and I have an idea how they assemble them into sprites (there's a form that lets you view all of the boy character's frames, and it works pretty well). At one point I was also looking at how the sprites were assembled into animations.

I plan to have everything exportable and re-importable in some form, particularly so data can easily be exchanged between romhacks.

I'm curious as to what people think the most useful features for an early release would be. I'm guessing graphics, map, and event/dialogue editing would be high up there. Map editing needs some work sadly (several maps are missing tiles, have their layers displayed in the wrong order, or just look like complete garbage), but events are coming along, and graphics I covered earlier. Music/sample stuff is fun to screw around with (it was actually the reason I started the editor), but I doubt many people would even use it.

Kyle said...

Graphics, maps and the ability to place/remove sprites and NPCs are the highest on my list. NPC dialouge would be nice to edit as well. This would allow for users to get a pretty good basic start on a hack while other features are being worked out. Next on my list would be, in no particular order, sprite properties (speed, HP, spells etc.) Events (killing X boss allows for Y to happen), music. After that, it would be nice to see a way to import extra graphics for tilesets (like ExGfx in lunar magic), custom coded sprites (a sprite tool. Lunar magic handled this by allowing for extra sprite numbers using free ram, but the actual tool to insert them was written by someone else. Same with the music insertion tool and custom block tool. A fine example of the community working together!) These last few aren't necessarily must haves but would be great to have nonetheless.

Mark said...

And just like that, he's gone again. *Poof*

Between this and BlackMagic for LTTP, I'm getting stir crazy waiting, but I'm honestly really looking forward to this one the most. Please keep up the good work, MOP, just please don't let it be another year before we see you again.


Xioa said...

Amazing your editor!!!
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If it's possible can you make an alpha version of your editor?? I want to test it!!
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