Sunday, February 10, 2013

Next Build

It won't be for a bit still.  I've got a lot of half-finished shit that I'm working on.

Spell, enemy, weapon, armor character stats and ring menu tiles will probably be editable.  Spell graphics won't yet for the next one; they have too many issues still.

I'm also working on the character sprite stuff.  Character tiles and sprite formations (maybe) should be editable.  Animation data will not yet.  Jesus that stuff is a mess.

Bosses?  Maybe.  I have to write a tile recompression routine for them still.

Title screen stuff won't be for a bit still.  Sound effects too.

I also fixed that bug where you can't make new objects on a map.


Anonymous said...

awesome fix on that bug

Anonymous said...

I'd just be content with editable player graphics.