Sunday, May 11, 2014

Build 0211

Release notes:

 - Make triggers positionable, add "Return" type trigger, and
   fix processing for "Special event" trigger type.
 - Add "Save to PNG" for composite maps.  Note that not all maps
   look exactly right yet.
 - Add fast forward toggle-button for music playback.
 - Fix alignment of song names and update some of the names.
 - Fix divide by zero exception for empty song channels.
 - Add placeholders for changing the total number of certain things.
 - Change method of output to project file and external files for
   composite maps.  Now stored as human-readable/modifiable properties
   file.  Old file type still supported for compatibility.  Similar
   changes to come for other data types.
 - Probably a bunch of other shit I forgot about it's been a while.

The big thing here is maps should be more easily editable due to positionable triggers.  This works in part due to a pile of new snescode I wrote to redesign the way they handle triggers, and it hasn't quite been tested to the extent it should be, so if anything seems horribly broken, do let me know.

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DragonArk said...

Thank you for all your hard work Mop! :D