Monday, May 12, 2014

Next up

So, a list of things that are "next," in sort-of-priority-order

- Fixes for the existing shit as they come up

- Support for DTE for European (and maybe Japanese) dialogue.  Full support for the Japanese SD2 ROM is probably further off since last I checked it was actually organized considerably differently in at least a few spots.

- Interface/usability improvements (some have been suggested)

- Enemy/NPC sprite stuff (these only look maybe 50% correct at the moment) and Boss stuff (Currently only Mantis Ant and Metal Mantis look anywhere near correct)

- Actual implementations of the currently-useless language buttons I've had sitting in there for years.  I don't know French or German so I'll probably just run my strings through Google translate, then have someone who knows the language fix them up.


DragonArk said...

Any idea when exporting maps to images will be available?

Would love to edit something, then share it with people. I want to create the world map from the beta.

SourceSeeker said...

I thought this was added recently in Build 0211?
"- Add "Save to PNG" for composite maps. Note that not all maps
look exactly right yet."

Mop said...

Yeah, it's in there now for composite maps. It isn't for anything else.

It's pretty trivial to add, though.

Anonymous said...

If you provide a file with the english strings I will create an english translation!

If you use gnu gettext you could use a online translation service like so everybody can work on a translation.

animeloverxX93 said...

Well... I don't know if I can help, but my native language is German, so I would volunteer to help translate everything into German as long as it doesn't involve me messing around with the program itself.

Well, just saying, but there might be people out there that would be a better help in that aspect, I just want to help and show support and do it properly.

Mop said...

The translations are implemented as .properties files with matching sets of strings that are swapped out when you click the little flag icons, with the english file as the default if it can't find a string. Many strings aren't here yet and are still hardcoded. These will need to be moved out and I'll be doing this soon .. then I'll post the properties file here and you guys can make whatever alternate language revisions of it that you like.

There's also the help files.. those are embedded in rtf format as I recall, but the english versions are so far from complete that I'm not going to worry about alternate languages just yet.

DragonArk said...

Sorry I mean the world map. When I try to export to BMP nothing happens. That's ok, I can just use the SoM format for now.