Friday, May 9, 2014

Exit Doors

I think they're place-able now!

It may still not work perfectly, but a test on map 257 worked:

Notice I moved the right-side exit-doorway block up to that corner with the shadow.

Here's an in-game shot of the screen fading out as I step on that tile.  Not really sure how else to show it working.  But it does lead me back out to where I came from.

So.. a release might be soon now that I THINK all trigger types are easily movable.


Anonymous said...

Great! Fantastic news! Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

How high on your list of priorities is the ability to edit graphics? I would love to start working on editing the main hero characters.

Mop said...

Graphics are probably "next" .. and some are already editable, though not all the sprites load correctly still.

I'm still working an issue with Map 258 .. I think one of the code patches I made to make everything positionable is breaking the special events .. so I need to fix that before I do a release.

Mop said...

Fuck yeah, fixed ^ that. I had replaced the entire "should a trigger be executed based on the player's current position" routine, and forgotten to include the handling for special events, which just does a little comparison to a flag on the map and might end up executing one of the first few triggers defined for the map.

In a ROM written out by the editor I can now go in and out all the Potos doors. Hooray.

Anonymous said...


Can't wait!