Thursday, May 29, 2014

Build 0213

Release notes:

  - Add support for DTE for text compression, for incoming ROMs and outgoing ROMs.  This
   saves about 20K of space in the US ROM, which is the only one NOT to use DTE in its
   original form.
 - Move offsets and other version-variable numbers out to a set of properties files,
   which in this first release grant support for the following ROM versions:
     - US Version 0
     - French Version 0
     - German Version 0
     - PAL English Version 0
   Other ROMs will not load, but support will be added later for them.
 - Write out all ROMs with version 0x0F, so the editor won't try to load them back in
   (and fail horribly)
 - Fix a couple issues in Event parsing, one of which caused the treasure chest "shaking"
   animation to disappear.
 - Don't write out SPC samples unless you changed one.  Whoops.
 - A few bosses look better now.  I still have a lot of research to do on these.
 - Partial French and German translations, and they're probably not very accurate.  For now
   this was really just a test to make sure the properties files were working correctly.  These
   will be finished/fixed soon, by .. someone who speaks those languages, as soon as I finish
   moving all my strings out to properties files.

Mostly language, font, and DTE-related stuff this time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. yaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

Anonymous said...

Thats what i needed

Anonymous said...

Great work! Keep it up!

AR yoast said...
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