Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boss rendering

Finally! I got him to render on his host map correctly. It took like a week's worth of screwing around to get everything straightened out with this.

The other ones are not so healthy looking. But they should be close.

Edit: when I say "not so healthy".. here's Spring Beak as an example.

This is just a matter of reading the wrong value as an offset to the sprite construction data. Once I straighten that out, a bunch of these should look good.


Chemo said...

Bestiary V3 V3.xlsx

Not many changes, just some identification on how the magic effectiveness is divided on 2 branches and a 25% resistance to all elements.

BTW, keep in mind that dryad used to be the mana spirit on this game (the almighty one) so it bypasses the 25% reduction

RetroHelix said...

Looks like you mostly worked on the sprite assembling. Does this mean we can edit sprites soon with the editor or was it "just" the first step to display them correctly in SOMEDIT?

Mop said...

The format in which they store all of this sprite stuff does not lend itself to easy editing. It's a lot of scattered and shared tables linked to other tables linked to yet more tables, all with no easily-locatable size. This contrasts pretty much all the stuff i have editing implemented for so far, which tends to just be stored as a big block of data with a list of offsets linking to the different pieces.

So.. this stuff was mainly for map display/proof of concept at first, and it will take some work before it's able to be edited. Editing sprite graphics (the raw tile data, and palettes) is the one really easy part of this that i may add editing for soon.

Also, i have been a little busy with other matters lately, so this project is taking a brief rest, but hopefully i can pick it back up soon.

Mop said...

Oh, not to mention that almost everything about bosses is stored differently than for normal enemies. It's like an entirely different system.

enixd said...

Is the project on hold?

Anonymous said...

It is "a brief rest".

Mop said...

Indeed! A brief rest.

Many chaotic things in the mop-life right now preventing much progress on this thing, unfortunately.