Saturday, January 7, 2012

Map piece filtering

Something I just added - view the map in a particular state by adjusting event flags. These are used to do stuff like this when you step on switches:


RetroHelix said...

Registered at the new board and lost password in an instant... So I write here.
In the new version the numbering of the trigger and objects is still wrong. If you add a new object or trigger the existing trigger/object are shifted also. One time I added a new object the whole treeview vanished (was not there anymore). It happened when I had everything expanded in the treeview and added a new object.
Choosing a tile in the map piece editor also moves the cursor in the big pieces window.

Mop said...

Interesting. I'll talk to blackhole89 about the board. The object numbering should be ok - can you give an example of a map where it isn't for you?

The triggers are another story; some maps still have the wrong number of triggers and stuff. If you see red boxes on the map view then the number of triggers for the map doesn't match the number of trigger tiles. For some maps, this is intentional (like ones used in the credits sequence, which use the same map pieces as their normal counterparts but don't bother defining triggers because you never walk on them) but for others it's just not working right.

RetroHelix said...

Its ok, I just reregistered under another name (RetroHelix.). I choose a new password for every site I register so its hard to remember for me^^

Thats what is happening when I add an object
"17:07:13 - Error setting up tree view: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Der Wert -128 ist für Value ungültig. Value sollte zwischen 'Minimum' und 'Maximum' liegen.
Parametername: Value
bei System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown.set_Value(Decimal value)
bei Someditc.FullMapEditorControl.UpdateSelectedMap()"

And the Objects are numbered right I just got confused cause there are two objects on the same place (Map 128). Sorry.
Thanks for clearing me up about the triggers.

Mop said...

I just fixed that object thing so if you rightclick a spot that has more than one object stacked, they'll all come up in the menu. It'll be in the next build~