Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Mantis Ant

Found a setting that seems to make bosses move significantly faster.


SignZ said...

Wow, that's just awesome! I hope that setting will be available for all bosses (especially the last one). :D

Chemo said...
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Chemo said...

Here is the new and more detailed Bestiary V.2 V2.xlsx

Mop said...

Thanks, I'll definitely check that out when I get into boss stat stuff.. which should be fairly soon :3

warzart said...

I see amazing potential in the faster enemies. I wonder if it's possible that you could add a block hability to the characters protect themselves from attacks, just like the Royal guard of DevilMayCry3, so if some enemy attacks you several times in a row, as antmantis did, have the possibility of losing less or not losing HP points, or depending on the timing and DefPoints, maybe even return some of the damage. maybe we could see some weak enemy would 'gets whacked' by perfect guard or sort of. would be great, but maybe not possible, i know.
I imagine, not only against the bosses, but fighting on the outlands against several creeps at time and using that ability, would be great!

Way to go, man!
Great job!

sorry the crappy english, is not my mother language