Friday, January 20, 2012


As it turns out, Mantis Ant and Tropicallo aren't meant to be in the same place at the same time.

Also, I'm working on bosses and other sprite stuff at the moment. Here are Tropicallo's tiles, shown here with the wrong palette. Thanks to Flow and Enker for bits and pieces of the compression algorithm for these things. Now to figure out how they're all strung together into boss sprites.


Chemo said...

What a coincidence
Right now I'm working on a SoM hack.

so far I'm just tweaking the bosses' HP, MP, Magic-attack and Physical-attack

If you need help finding enemies' ROM-addresses, just let me know and I'll lend you a hand

RetroHelix said...

Do you know how the hitdetection of the game works? I mean how does the game recognizes that you hit an enemy?
Is it testing for coordinates of the enemy and yours or is there something else?

Mop said...

I think it's just a bounding box on specified parts of the enemy, but I haven't gotten there yet. There are parts of bosses that don't damage you - for example, the NPC that falls into the Mantis Ant pit with you and is shown crying in the corner is not actually his own NPC in that room, but part of the Mantis Ant object/tileset. With the Mantis Ant on map 129 as shown in the screenshot here, he can be observed sitting at his usual X/Y up above where the screen was taken. If you touch him, he doesn't hurt you, and you can't hurt the Mantis Ant by hitting him. There are also sections of many enemies that don't take damage and produce that annoying "ding" sound, so maybe there are several types of these hit settings. We'll see!

Chemo - feel free to share what information you have. At the moment I'm playing with tiles and sprites but I'll need that numeric info at some point as well.

RetroHelix said...

Really interesting.
Its nice to see what comes out when you are "playing" with something :D

Chemo said...

Here an incomplete data for bosses

I might add more information in the future, so check it once in a while

The format might not be easy to grasp at first, so feel free to ask any question.

Keep up the good work