Saturday, June 29, 2013

Build 0203

Here's a new release with some random new stuff, some working, some not.

Release listing:

Latest release:

Release notes:

I dropped some red labels on all the parts that aren't editable/saveable yet.  These will probably be worked on soon.

Report broken things here, or at ACMLM.


SourceSeeker said...

Cool :)

It got quite exciting here the last days!

One question:
The feature for complete, accurate & exportable { ;p } sprites and sprites animation not yet made it in this release, right?
Cause this is the main part I am waiting for.

Bro you rock!!

Mop said...

Sprites and sprite tiles are editable in this build. Sprite animations are not!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being the coolest hacker ever yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

SourceSeeker said...

To clearify:
I'm more interested in viewing/exporting to bitmap than in editing. As for this I'm asking for completeness & accuracy.