Saturday, June 22, 2013

More title screen stuff

One thing at a time.  Almost got everything editable now!

This one was a bit of a pain, because to make it variable-length and not give myself a huge hassle on the rest of the data in this block, I had to move it to the end.  It's also stored with a few other strings like the four credits that fade in and out, and those had to be moved with it since the same code is used to load all of them.

Adding lines to this thing "works" but has issues.  Not sure why yet.

Edit: "issues":

I think all that's left is making those pink birds editable, and the tree graphic.  Tree graphic comes later.


Anonymous said...

If you can make the pink birds editable we might as well call you "NEO" cause you're bending reality with these hacking skills.i didnt even think you could edit the title and you're at the birds?lol

RetroHelix said...

I was always thinking of them as Flamingos.

hai5cheese said...

This is looking awesome. Can't wait for the next release. I'm really looking forward to the enemy section being completed to tone down the difficult spike with Spiky Tiger for an Easy-style version. This project is the greatest thing I've ever seen for this treasure of a game.