Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minor update

Character/enemy tiles (except for bosses, yet) and their palettes can be written back to the ROM.  Like most things, the editor interface is not great yet, and I'll probably end up adding some sort of export/import to/from BMP/GIF/PNG feature.  I guess when you import them it will just have to match against the closest color of the palette you're currently displaying with, or maintain indexes in a paletted file (like a GIF).  Maybe in the end you could color it however you want and it would convert your colors into a new palette (assuming you use less than 16).  I guess I can play around with this later to see what's most useful.

Next up is the character sprite data (again, not bosses yet, since with the exception of the Mantis Ant those don't even read in properly) and maybe after that I'll drop a release, since I've added a bunch of shit since the last one.

I wanted to add an in-editor help feature as well, but I'm having trouble finding a good format to do it in.  HTML was my first idea, except that referencing embedded images from embedded HTML seems to be impossible, and I prefer to have things wrapped up in the binary when possible.


Anonymous said...


thanks for working on this! :)

You can use embedded base64 image in html, like this for example:


Anonymous said...

I agree,it makes it easier to have all the features built into the tool rather than having a in built help file as html seperately

Mop said...

Good call, that seems to work, except only on Gecko browsers. The IE-based one that .NET includes as a control (and I'm using in the editor) doesn't display it. Doesn't surprise me. I'm sure I can find a Firefox or Chrome control for C# though.