Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Extended Hirom

Finished playing the 6 MB Extended Hirom version.  169 total changes to code to make it work, made painstakingly one by one by savestating before a crash, generating a code dump, and finding where it jumped to a patch of 00s instead of code (or in the trickier cases, where it read from zeros instead of data). 

Probably still some crashes in it that I didn't get to test.  This will go into some build of the editor in the near future... to be used only if the data you're trying to write exceeds 4 MB (and doesn't exceed 6 MB, in which case I can't fucking help you.) 

I guess there's some extended format that supports 8 MB as well, but it sounds like it's largely unsupported by emulators (did any game actually use it?  I get the feeling Tales of Phantasia is the only reason anyone bothers to support the 6 MB one..)

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