Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'll probably drop the first 2.x release in a couple days.  Lots of speed and stability improvements, the ExHiRom stuff, and preliminary sprite stuff (no sprite editing yet.. needs work.. but a lot of them show up on maps) are among the changes.  Also took out the OpenTK dependency.  I want to polish up the character stats editor a bit before I do the release (it doesn't write anything back to the rom at the moment)

Wait, is anyone even still interested in these things?


RetroHelix said...

Hell yes. I know at least 3 people in my circle of acquaintances who are very interested in this project. And I assure you they are way more people on the internet who are interested in the editor but don't post back here.

I'm looking forward to version 2.x. Keep it up.

Azure Aires said...

I'm very interrested by your work. I'm Seiken, the guy who did the speed run 5h15 on sda ( still not beaten yet thought some people tried ). When you will release your editor, i will do a huge game with it :)

Mop said...

Well that is good to know :3 the main reason I started this thing was so I'd have more multiplayer SNES games to play, so I hope you guys make some fun shit.

enixd said...

Keep up the great work!!!

manafreak said...

I'm also vey interested in the editor and I'm very glad that the development proceeds :)
Can't wait to start with my project as soon as the editor has evolved!