Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Build 0202

 A few bugfixes, special events for maps, and I now list known bugs/to-do at the top of the release notes.

Release notes:

*** build 0202 ***

 - Process "Special events" for maps.  This fixes inconsistent trigger
   lists with a number of maps (248, 265, 17) and allows you to edit
   what happens when you step on a "special event" tile.
 - Fix size of right tab on composite maps view when collapsing then
   restoring it.
 - Add collision types for the partially destroyed crystal things in the
   mana fort interior.
 - Fixed issue where loading a new file would.. merge the fonts from the
   two files together.
 - Clear the display and close all secondary windows when loading a new
   file to avoid keeping stale data up.
 - Fixed issue where loading another project would continue to add more
   tiles, tilesets, and palettes on top of the ones from the previous
 - Fixed issue where sound effects samples weren't clearing out properly
   for a new load.
 - If you go to create a new project, then cancel the first dialog, it
   will no longer open the second one.


really? said...

keep going ;)

RetroHelix said...

If I edit the palette (in tileset editor) for a tile from a 16x16 tileset and change the paletteset of the whole tileset (in composite map editor) afterwards, the changes are applied to the new tileset too. Is this a limitation of the game or the editor?
Another thing is, that when I create a new project from withing an old one and change the paletteset in the composite map editor the "object sprite" looks odd.

Mop said...

If I understand what you meant about the tilesets, any given tileset is able to use 8 different BG palettes. They know nothing of the colors, they only reference a palette from 0-7. Palette sets are 128 sets of eight palettes that can be paired with tilesets via composite maps to create colored tiles. If you set tile 20 to use palette 5, it's going to use the 5th palette of any palette set you choose for it.

Hmm, I'm not seeing any color shifting in objects on composite maps after I switch loaded files. Could you give me more details on what you did (map #s, which things looked wrong?)

RetroHelix said...
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RetroHelix said...

I understand now, thanks for clearing this up.
For the second problem:
I load up the editor and create a new project then I change the palette set of map 128 in the composite map editor. When I now create a new project and again try to change the palette set of the map, the view is not updated (still the palette set from the last project) and I have to switch the palette set back and forth to its standard value to get the map displayed right. But object 2 looks odd now.

RetroHelix said...

Another thing I just found out. In the even editor under search -> even tab you can't selct events greater than 0x7FF.