Sunday, January 20, 2013


Stats editing works.  Here I am with 500 HP .. minus some from trying to get a good screenshot, one-shotting the mantis ant at level 1.

Some minor cleanup and build 0201 should be on its way.


Azure Aires said...

Congrats dude. Keep up the great work. To modify max stats should be fine too, like from 999 Max HP / 999 Max Deg / 9999 Max HP ( Mana Beast is 9990 ) to 9999/9999/999999 :) ? Black Rabbit in SD3 is already more than 9999 HP, but in SD2, i don't know what is the max ^^

Mop said...

That's something I'd like to have.. also being able to do > 999 damage in one shot. For now you're bound to the original limits because of display limitations. I'll have to add a hack that gets around this eventually.

Mop said...

Also, I'd like to investigate the damage formulas and such to find out what the effective maximum str for example is before damage starts rolling over... and either fix it, or limit str to that value.

Azure Aires said...

Did you read the SoM thread from Bisqwit TAS site ?

Here is the link of it's last page.

In this thread you will find some RAM adresses, a few formulas too.

Mop said...

Oh nice, that looks like it has a lot of useful stuff. Bookmarked for sure :3