Sunday, January 20, 2013

Build 0201

Let me know if you find any problems.  I'm aware of most of the minor stuff and it will get fixed eventually.  It should crash much less than the old one (or never? Let's go with never.)

Release notes:

*** build 0201 ***

 - You can now pass a .som project as a command-line argument, and it will
   open it (ie, associate the filetype in windows)
 - Added a collapse/expand button to the left-side tree.
 - Title screen tree graphic and organization of the logos and such are
   loading, finally.  Curious whose bright idea it was to use JPEG
   compression for that tree graphic and spend 20-30 seconds decompressing
   it.  Later I'll make it so you can import your own and compress it back;
   it's just for show for now.
 - Add graph and function input for character stats editor.
 - Add an "Edit" palette button on the Tileset16 screen.
 - Add collision type for those little crystals in the mana fort that you
   have to slash a few times.
 - Fix minor hex/dec conversion issue with finding referencing events from
   the door editor screen.
 - Preliminary support for exporting to a 6 MB ExHiRom ROM (a la Tales of
   Phantasia).  This includes a number of SOM code mods that have probably
   not been tested thoroughly enough.  Will only happen if your ROM requires
   between 4 and 6 MB of space.  Also, it only expands as necessary now (not
   at all if you added nothing, to 3 MB, then to 4 MB, then to 6.)
 - Add menu item for exporting an IPS patch, which is not yet implemented.
 - Preliminary loading of sound effects, but these aren't editable yet.
   Before audio is fully editable/expandable/whatnot I need to do a bit
   of a re-org of how they store stuff in SPC700 memory.
 - Add ability to pull a section off into another window so you can work
   with two related sections side by side.
 - MIDI importer improvements; still not wonderful, but getting closer to
   what I want.
 - Fix an issue where the tileset editor wouldn't let you edit foreground
 - Preliminary support for sprite loading.  Some sprites render properly
   on maps.  Most bosses (Except Mantis Ant, who was my test subject for
   boss tile decompression) do not yet. Composite maps may show exceptions
   for displaying some sprites - these should not crash or otherwise affect
   stability.. debug-only.
 - Complete rewrite of map editors.. should be much faster and more
   stable now.  Removed OpenGL components.  Should no longer depend on
   OpenTK DLLs.
 - Fix bug where map piece filtering for the initial map (128) would be
   blank until you switch maps.
 - Fix object directions - up and down were swapped.
 - More convenience shortcuts on various components.
 - Allow changing direction and "mobile" flag of objects.
 - Update selection in tileset view when eyedropper used to pick a tile
   from a map piece.
 - Fix bug where map filtering wouldn't work correctly when flipping
   through maps.

Known issues:
 - Having issues getting the right scrolling range on the scrollbars I use
   on stuff like the map editors and the music editor.
 - As mentioned, many sprites do not look right yet.


theguitardood said...

Awesome news! I'm really stoked about this release!

I'm looking forward to the day when I can edit the player graphics, too.

enixd said...

Great build, much faster now. A question: are we going to be able to jump up in the story to edit or do we have to edit than play through everything to get to the newest edit point? In LM, for example, I can move Mario in the OW to each new level and start there; will there be a similar feature in SOME?

RetroHelix said...

You could just make a door too the map you edited.

Mop said...

Player, NPC, and enemy graphics are sort of "next" as soon as I get that stuff all sorted out.

As Retro said, you could make some debug doors, and you can also change the "new game" door in misc settings (in the original, this door is hardcoded to execute when you start a game.. which takes you to a map that has a walk-on event that is the story you see at the beginning). Doors do not work perfectly for every map yet so let me know when and where you have trouble with them.

You could also do other things like have an event at the beginning of the game give you the flammie drum, so you can fly around freely from the start. (Check out event 532, which gives you the flammie drum)

Savestates should help too.

manafreak said...

I will check the new version when i arrive home :)
It's nice to see the further development of the editor. Looking forward for Sprite editing!

Azure Aires said...

Very good job. I continue to plan my SOM game on paper and txt... I wait fast edit mode of maps ( something which let place mobs and items so easy as in SMW editor ) and i'm not hurried for this :) It should take time if you planning to do it after on what your are working on :)