Thursday, July 18, 2013

Build 0207

Fixing stuff as I find it.  Trigger refactoring stuff is not in this build.

 - Fix miscalculation of code size for modified trigger data.
 - Fix issue where clicking a trigger would throw an exception.
 - Fix incorrect calculation of scrollbar maximums for composite maps.

To the guy who's having .NET problems, here's a link to a map editor app I wrote for a lesser-known MMORPG that I play called Darkages.  It won't fully function without the game's data files, but it should open to a big white screen with some controls and a title that is a random Mitch Hedberg quote.  Does this one run for you?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing software but I've noticed some issue with it. I've noticed that whenever i change font table it automatically affects dialogue font which is expected but it affects event script font as well... It's not big a deal if you want to change appearance of english alphabet letters but lets say (for a sake of translating) you want to add more custom letters with overwriting ampersand, apostrophe, "q" and "w" font, with so much change the event script becomes unreadable. The dialogue is not a problem because when you want to edit, it shows in normal font. I don't know if its a bug or intentionally but it would be nice if there is a workaround for this. Also i wanna ask is it possible to expand font table? I think that japanese rom have much larger font table but i'm not sure because i didnt managed to load japanese rom in editor.

Mop said...

Yeah, that was just the easiest way to do it since that was the font I had on-hand. Maybe it would be easy enough to use Courier New or something instead. I'm pretty sure GDI+ has text display functions (in fact if I recall correctly I use them for the TTF import).

Font table is something I'm getting to eventually. There are some "available" characters in the DTE range. I would guess the Japanese rom uses this range for Katakana and Hiragana.. and no, SD2 won't load yet. Nor will European roms (at least correctly). It's all on the list of stuff that needs to be done.