Sunday, July 14, 2013

Debug logging

There are logging options for more detailed debugging now.  If you pass "debuglogging" on the command-line (to enable all file logging) it will pull data from the properties file to determine which types of log messages you want to see.  For example, if you want music debugging, put in the properties file, and next time you run, you'll get a shitload of music data in the log.

By default, it puts =no for each of these in the config file, so it's just a matter of switching them to "yes" to see what you want.  Not everything is logged yet (map decompression, and as of recently, music processing, are logged pretty well so far).  The ones that are, are logged in great detail (byte by byte) and slow things down considerably, so I'd recommend keeping them all off unless you need them.  They are intended to be enabled only if the editor is corrupting your ROM and we need to figure out why. 

None of them will do anything if you don't use the command-line parameter.

Music is still an issue.  It's being worked on for the next build.  Don't use the music editor for now, you'll screw up your world map.

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