Thursday, July 25, 2013

God damnit, Secret of Mana.

So, I figured out the reason map 258's collisions look wrong.  Some maps are set to use layer 2 for collision data instead of layer 1.  This is all well and good, except the bit that controls this isn't on the map, it's on the DOOR LEADING IN.  So theoretically, a map could have either state.  I'm hoping none do, because the collision data is what's originally used to determine where doors are.

So to determine the right collision state for a map, now I have to pick through all the doors leading to it, and see what the value of this bit is.

Edit: I ran a quick loop, and there are no two doors leading to the same map with different collision flags.  Why the fuck store this on the door then, when it's clearly a property of the target map.  Another thing for me to move to make everything properly editable...

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, as a child I always thought there was something secret in this door in Northtown that I could never figure out how to get to:

Turns out, there isn't even a trigger on that spot.  More disappointment.


manafreak said...

It would be really great if you could fix this issue :)
And that door drove me nuts i probably spend hours trying to get into it xD

Titcriss said...

In the French community we had one guy who created a shitload of new cheat codes. One of them allowed us to go threw wall. Then when I tried going at that spot the door couldn't open :(.

Deflaktor said...

Maybe some kind of map was planned where you could either cross a bridge or go under it depending on which side you came from.

Zac Geraghty said...

Should edit the map so that it connects to something :P

Yagamoth said...

I realize this is a pretty old post, but:

@ Deflaktor: In Secret of Mana, there are no bridges. As in, no tiles that you can go "under and over" so to speak, this mechanic does not exist in the game. The door is basically decoration. Maybe once there was a purpose, but we can not know.

To walk through walls, set "7ECF0101" to "1"

On a fun note: There are triggers in the Goblin village where you get caught and thrown into the pot. There are also triggers in the intro and outro cutscenes, that lead to fairly random places. Those scenes are technically not the same as the ones you traverse in a normal playthrough. For example, the intro-cutscene Mana Fortress door leads to the Ice country.

If anyone is interested, I can probably answer most questions concerning Secret of Mana. Simply look for "Yagamoth" on Twitch ^^

Chris Clash said...

This door drove me nuts too.