Sunday, July 28, 2013

Music stuff

This should be an amusing experiment, when I get around to it.


RetroHelix said...

Epic feature!

manafreak said...

I agree with that, this would be amazing feature!

Deflaktor said...

My suggestion is that you should focus more on the usability. especially the map editor. it would be awesome to merge the map pieces and the map composite editors. right now creating a new map from scratch is a way too tedious process. more people would start making hacks which in turn would motivate you more on working on somedit ;)

RetroHelix said...

I will not be able to post here in the next few weeks so I want to wish you a merry Christmas now.

Merry Christmas.

I hope you will resume working on the editor some day :D

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue working on this. Extremely usefull program

manafreak said...

I also can't wait for the next release! But take your time ;)

Anonymous said...

I emailed the development team of square-enix a year ago to ask if we could find exactly what was cut from the game originally when secret of mana was going to be on CD - it would be great to see a remake of SOM with the cut content!

Anyway good work on the editor

Anonymous said...

I would like to know this as well because i read that it was supposed to be on cd but was altered to fit on a cart.

SourceSeeker said...

I'm Thunderstruck!

I read that article about this topic and thought how epic it would be to see/ have the lost material. This is such a hot topic man! Nevertheless I doubt we will ever see sth :(

Popoie said...

Yes, please focus on the map editor. My wishings are it should be working like
That would my and others dreams come true! Maps are still hard to remap.
I´d like to change and expand maps to expand secret of mana, as long square enix dont care. For myself i just want to change the maps and characters and maybe add some new grafics to it, to have endless fun of a new Mana! And one other point is the midi, midi is too old, we need a mp3 importer to the mana roms. I hope this is possible and not to much ask, but im sure, if you come out with this all. You got your name in the internet. And even your Editor is for sals im sure i will buy it!

Popoie said...

And Happy New Year! You are our last Hope for a Remastered Secret of Mana!

Popoie said...

Shit on Nintendo and Square Enix they have to much $.$ Eyes

Popoie said...

Anonymous said...


The SNES can not decode MP3. The only way it would be possible is using the fan-made virtual MSU1 extension chip by Byuu.

This would work on certain emulators like Bsnes or Flashcards like Sd2snes which support it.

But I guess it still is a too big hassle. There are more important things.

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