Friday, July 5, 2013

Future things

Here is a list of things I plan to work on in the future, in-order. Mostly for my own reference since my memory is shitty, but feel free to vote things up or down. Will be edited as it changes.

- Bugfixes as they come up
- Usability/UI improvements
- Rewriting their trigger handling code to allow them to be placed at a specific location, rather than automatically on certain tile types.  This should make maps a lot more "editable."
- Handling of European roms and DTE in general. Maybe Japanese rom as well.
- Other misc numeric data editing like enemy stats
- Map bugfixes, like figuring out what's up with map 256, animation (and palette change) handling, and various minor rendering issues
- Automated fixes for some current in-game annoyances, like computer-controlled P2 and P3 getting stuck on shit.
- Ensure roms work on more strict emulation systems than ZSNES and Snex9x, and give the option of writing back the new CRC so you don't get "bad rom" when loading.
- An option to generate an IPS patch file.
- Menu graphic editing and various other little in-game graphics
- Boss graphic editing
- Spell sprite editing (this is already sort of halfway done)
- Weapon sprite editing
- Remapping SPC RAM to allow songs and samples to be more "expandable"; also allow samples to be dynamically resized. Currently, a song that is slightly longer than the mana beast theme (the largest existing song, and apparent basis for their current allocations) will simply not play correctly.
- MIDI importer improvements
- Figuring out what's up with the title screen scrollytext, and why adding lines to it causes graphical glitches. Chances are there are just some timing settings that need to be adjusted.
- Enemy AI table editing
- Boss AI table editing
- Sprite animation editing
- Allow adding elements beyond current maximums. For example, if you wanted to keep all the current maps, but just add new places. This will include some serious code mods for certain things (events, maps) since many references to these elements are tightly-sized based on the current maximums (11-bit event IDs, for example).  These will probably take some time. Other things (like character exp levels & associated stats) may be easier to extend.
- Sound effects editing
- Title screen tree graphic editing. Importing new JPEGs and such.
- Editor text translations (I'd prefer this be done after I get a majority of the features in, so it only really has to be done once. I don't speak anything but English, so I either have to use the one of the generally-shitty automated options, or have someone do it for me)
- ExHIROM test/debugging. It will currently try to do this conversion if you exceed 4 MB of rom data, but it really hasn't been tested very much yet.

Things I don't really plan to ever deal with, but if you want to work on them, do feel free:

- Having more than three main characters. I am expecting the memory reallocation (RAM, ROM, and Saveram) and code changes associated with this to be way more trouble than it's worth. MAYBE having only 3 in the party at the time but having them swappable (like Chrono Trigger, for example) would eventually be doable.
- Along similar lines, the ability to have more than 3 enemies onscreen at once, though this is probably easier than > 3 main characters.
- I always thought it would be nice if I could borrow Tales of Phantasia's system for streaming SPC samples in and out of the SPC700's unfortunately-small memory on demand (they use this to play a fully-vocalized song, for example), but to say that I don't want to deal with all the changes that would be involved with this is quite an understatement.


Alberto SalimHaubold said...

Well, I imported a midi that's way too long for its own sake and it worked perfectly until the end and I know why it doesn't works. Either SoM or your editor does not support breaking a note into 1/3 or 1/5 or any odd numbre like those (and those are valid notations in music). and the track that I wanted to import had those.

But no matter what track I imported (long short. same amount of tracks or not, etc) it kept messing the palettes of the MODE-7 map (world map)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull !

RetroHelix said...
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RetroHelix said...

Wow, quite an impressive list. Don't get feared by the amount of work^^

Mop said...

The music & world map problem is being worked on. Until then, try not to export any music.

manafreak said...

That's quite a list. For me charcter sprite and boss sprite editing would be great. If this should be implemented and the overall handling of the editor could be improved I might finally start my Project :)