Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Next up

User interface/usability updates.  The title screen editor needs at least a copy/paste or something.

Also fixing problems as people report them.  I'm not really using this thing beyond briefly testing new changes so I'm relying on you guys to report broken stuff.


Benedikt Gabelmann said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I really appreciate your effort on creating a SoM-Editor.
But there's one big problem (at least for me) with the editor. Creating/altering maps and triggers is very complicated/uncomfortable. Maybe a drag & drop system would help out here to place the single elements.
Is something like this on your list (if you have one :)?
But again, really a great job you did so far. Keep it going. :-)

Mop said...

Triggers are going to be a problem for a while. I need to rewrite some of their code to redesign how they work. At the moment (I explain this in the help files I think) they're placed in order based on tiles of a certain type being on the map (rather than at a specific x,y). I have no idea why they designed it this way.

Maps are a little problematic because of the dual layer system of pieces combined into composite maps. I added some right-click shortcuts to try to simplify this in the existing build; I'm not sure offhand how else to make it easier, but I'll play around with it. It doesn't really make sense to directly edit composite maps, since they can have several layers of map piece data stacked on top of each other.

Drag and drop for objects from a list of possible ones may be something I could have. Moving them is also a pain since it currently re-renders the whole map. This is going to be changed soon so it's not so awkward and slow.