Monday, July 15, 2013

Music problems

Music data is no longer overwriting the world map tiles, but there are still some minor problems.  Loop points sound a little funky, and sometimes the song just continues into other songs at the end.  I suspect I'm off by a little in the song/channel lengths that I store, and it's just continuing on to shit in SPC RAM that was there from a previous song.

Should be fixed soon for the next build~

Edit: fixed, the value I was writing for the total song length was off by 20, the header size.

The only thing I've noticed wrong in the music now is there's one bad note in the town theme right after the loop point.  That problem's been around for a long time, but I'd like to fix it already. Think it's just slightly incorrect handling of their looping.. causes one note to be off by one octave.  You can hear it in the editor playback too.

Edit: fixed that too.  Release soon.


manafreak said...

SOUNDS good :D

SourceSeeker said...

Your news posts reading like drinking a cool fresh beer!
Cheers & thx for all your diligence!