Thursday, July 18, 2013

Build 0208

A few more minor fixes.

 - Fix some exceptions when changing tilesets on map pieces editor.
 - Remove outdated event editor options and add option to show dialogue
   and non-dialogue events with either in-game font or Courier New.
 - Change sprite exception that comes up often for non-working sprites
   to a debug log message so it stops spamming the messages area.
 - Fix exception if trying to "Open in another window" with nothing
 - Tweak handling of horizontal scrollbar for music view; it should be
   a little more accurate now.
 - Fix positioning of text on samples screen about how sound effects samples
   don't work yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fixes

RetroHelix said...

The "crash when scrolling bug" is still in :)
Keep the flow^^

Mop said...

Yeah, I still haven't been able to reproduce that one. The mousewheel works fine for me and hasn't crashed once. I've been trying, too. Do you have a weird mouse or something? Maybe there's an event I'm not handling 100% properly.

RetroHelix said...

I have an MX510 from Logitech. Some more info on the crash:
I got it in the Events and Diaglods screen. When I scroll slowly everything works fine but scrolling a bit faster or just up and down like a manic makes the application crash.